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Upon first seeing this interesting photo I had to stop and think about the two signs. Why would such signs be necessary and was the photographer in any danger there? As a writer I appreciate art more if it makes me think of things that might spark story ideas or stimulate a random unexpected thought...

I saw the final version first but after seeing how it started and all the changes that were made I have to say that this is really well done. You put in a lot of extra detail. The lighting alone was enough to take this from ordinary to extraordinary. I understand that this came from a screen shot or...

Cry Moar is the message. Simple and effective. The flashiness is very flashy. It gets your attention right away. As a stamp this would likely make someone pause for just a few seconds due to its "LOOK AT ME NOW!" nature. Black and white for the alternating colors was a good choice. Other colors coul...

by kinly

This picture for me tells a story just by looking at it. The artist gives no explanation as to what this scene means. It is completely up to the viewer's imagination for the interpretation. What the picture says to me may or may not be the original intent. Here I see a small cactus person asking the...


United States
I'm a writer from Colorado. Get to know me and if you're near me maybe we can hang out. Right now I'm looking for readers of my work and fellow writers to give me critique. Please don't be afraid to give me detailed feedback.

May have some new stuff to show soon

Thu Aug 8, 2013, 12:32 PM

I got a commission of some of my RP characters. I'll be posting that and maybe a few other commissions soon.

Writing has been on hold as I deal with certain stressful issues in the "real world". It's hard to be creative when you're stressed out. I'm playing a lot of video games and doing a lot of RP though. That's one way to reduce stress. I love RP.

The Pokemon story series I've been working on - Pokemon Rescue Corps - has stalled. You may have noticed? I'm sorry about that. I want to work on it and finish chapter 4. It's not coming along easily. I feel like I'm doing dental surgery on a cat. It is... quite difficult.

The main problem is I've hit a snag that I didn't expect. Apparently some Pokemon fans are with the idea that an Articuno - Ice type - would not be a good romantic match for my Leafeon - grass type. One person said that ice type moves are fatal and one careless move or even a lovers' quarrel could end rather permanently. Please note my Pokemon world is that realistic. There are real consequences for "super effective" attacks. They don't faint and recover all nice and perfect like on the TV show. My world is far more "adult" than that.

If people are going to get hung up on the technical specifics of my Pokemon pairing and unable to suspend their disbelief I need to change one of them into a better matching type. I like my Leafeon so I'm going to change Polara from an Articuno into something else. Likely a water type.

Don't laugh but at first I thought ice type pokemon were kind of the same as water type. Apparently that's not the case and there were people on a different site who thought I was funny for thinking that. It was embarassing to say the least... -_-;

Does any of you Pokemon fans have any suggestions for me? It would help a ton if you could read the chapters I have up so far of Pokemon Rescue Corps. Try not to suggest Vaporeon though because I think I'm starting to have too many Eevee forms if I do that. Unless of course you guys think it's a good idea to have more. Not sure what to do so I need feedback please.

Do people want to see a larger variety of Pokemon show up? Getting ideas from other fans of anthro Pokemon would be great. They need to be good candidates to be made into anthro though. There's some Pokemon that would be really difficult to do this with. I've seen some attempts by some artists though that are really good but for the most part, aside from seeing art of such Pokemon, they're hard to describe in a story well enough for other people to visualize. So try to suggest fairly easy ones. For instance the one's I have already are fairly easy to imagine without much help. Houndoom, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, so on. We've all seen anthro versions of these types before so when I describe them you may already know what they look like. If you suggest an anthro Goldeen for example, my brain will crack like an egg and hatch a Togetic trying to visualize that. I'm sure that would hurt so don't make me do that. LOL

So please. Feedback! Suggestionize me!

... *A cold wind blows*

C'mon people I know you're out there!

Other than that things are going pretty well. Today's the 1 year anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. I've lost a total of 169 pounds so far and still going!

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